Do civilians need firearms?

How cool it is to see heroes tossing their guns in a thrilling chase or a fight, it takes our breath away to watch such enthralled moments on big screen. All inspired by characters in movies or TV shows almost every individual irrespective of their age would want to own guns as it acts as symbol of style, power, and security.

Nancy Lanza who was a school teacher at Newtown, Connecticut; she was very passionate about guns and had collection of them at home. She also use to teach her kids on shooting skills, had she known that  it would  take her  own life one day, probably she would never have done that.

One horrific day a boy  picks up the gun shots his mom ( Nancy Lanza) and goes to her school and kills 20 innocent kids, who were barely 5-6 yrs old, and were all 1st graders, along with 6 adults, at last he kills himself leaving no traces to identify the causes of such a heinous, barbaric, inhuman act. Some might say he was a psychopath, he had troubled childhood, or his parents failed to take safety measures while storing the guns at home, well whatever may be the reason the life gone will never return, the damage caused by  dangerous weapon like guns are irreversible and irreparable.

Why do civilians need guns? There are many more incidences like Newtown, Connecticut, where innocent people have become victims of gun shots, be it Colorado shooting, shooting at Los Angeles school, most recent 2 policemen shoot out at Las Vegas etc., everywhere it has disturbed the civil society rather than doing good. Many officials decided to place more armed guards in front of schools. Is violence answer for violence? Can’t we have a world without guns?

Although there were many accidental shooting incidences causing death of several innocent civilians still people would want to possess guns, blaming all the mistakes on psycho paths, culture disorientation, lack of safety measures of gun handling etc.

Veterans having guns like A.K. 47, A.K 56 etc. is completely sensible as they guard the boarders of the nation, protect us from terrorists and infiltrators. But why do we need it in our civil society? Although amendment 2 of American constitution provides right to own fire arms for self-defense purposes, is it really serving the purpose?

Many people believe that having a gun makes them feel secure, empowers them from enemies? However at this juncture it is imperative to answer the question who is our real enemy in civil society? Is it a gun or another person having a gun?  Having gun leaves us with fear, every person wants to own one thinking their enemy might have one too, how do we store it at home away from reach of children, and yet it should be accessible the moment there is a break-in or an attack from enemy, here it creates first level of fear, later they fear who would pull the trigger first? This fear always prevails as long as we have guns in our society. How wonderful it is to have a society where there are neither guns nor guns falling into the wrong hands, and everybody lives with mutual trust and harmony.

Are guns really empower us and removes our fear? Or are we becoming scapegoats for that small segment of the capitalists who wants to profit and build their businesses by creating undue market for firearms.

Yes it might sound insane to say that ban guns and shut down arms industry as it generates billions of dollar revenue to the government which is very essential in this current situation of fiscal cliff, and it also has created close to hundred thousand jobs in the industry. However it is inevitable that we need to get out of this gun culture gradually and it has to happen on a phased manner. Currently 1:1 is the ratio of gun possession among American citizens which is highest in the world it is a very dangerous sign, action must be taken immediately to confiscate guns and reduce the presence of firearms in the civil society, it is the only way where we can re-instill faith, peace and harmony among people.

Countries like Australia have been successful in reducing the existence of guns among the civilians. This is how we can encourage our future generations to seek the weapon of knowledge, righteousness, peace, humility, culture and traditions. instead of harmful weapon like guns.

At last “living in a gun free society may not guarantee peace but assures it over a period of time, having guns guarantees death either intentionally or unintentionally”. Let us create a better world filled with love and affection providing both mental & physical safety and leaving no rooms for harmful weapons like guns.





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