After a pause!  Blogging continues as life must go on. Every life comes to this world with a purpose and will exit once it’s done; leaving all the family, friends, well -wishers, desires, dreams, passion, habits, ambitions, attachments, and commitments  behind.

Does every soul attain salvation?  I believe there are very few people who live even after their death through their great deeds. One such person that I am proud to write about is my dad Ve. Sri.  Aka Srinivas s/o Venkataswamappa .

Srinivas was born on April 26th 1949, in a lower middle class family in Bangalore, India. With lots of hardship and struggle he completed his matriculation and made it till getting a State Government Job. Srinivas got married to Nirmala Devi and had two children Anu and Raghu. In spite of being in a modest family he always inculcated the habit of giving, sharing, loving, and living happily in his small family. He encouraged his wife to study after marriage helped her to pursue a career, never restricted her to the four walls of kitchen.

“Dad is every child’s first hero”- I felt so much honored to be daughter of ve.sri at every stage of my life. As a kid my dad used to visit my school every year to donate books for under privileged students. He started a socio-cultural non-profit organization M. Ramamurthy Kannada Balaga in the year 1968, managed the same for four decades till his last rites. He used to make entire family participate in pro-kannada and cultural activities, food & clothes donations to earthquake and tsunami victims, blood donation camps, performing dance & drama in fund raising programs  for spastic kids, underprivileged women  etc.

Every summer he sent me to varieties of summer camps, swimming lessons, car driving, acting school, yoga classes etc. it is very uncommon in a middle class family in India, even today they think having a girl child is a liability and they should save money only for their marriage. Just give them basic education so that they pass marriage test with flaring colors later they are on their own.

My dad bred leadership skills in me. He made me secure University Rank, yet not compromising on my co-curricular activities. My dad was president of Gandhinagar, Kannada Sahitya Parishath consecutively for three times, similarly I was student union president twice in college and school, I organized Intercollegiate Management Fest, I was best outgoing student in school and college for both academics and co-cultural activities. I won prizes for debate competition at district and state level.  Won several dance and drama competitions. Did anchoring for various social events organized by my dad through his NGO and also did anchoring for events organized by many other NGO’s as well.

I used to compete with my dad in getting awards and accolades and being part of newspaper headlines.  When I received Best Achiever Award from ISRO chairman at M.S Ramaiah Institute of Technology for my academic achievements, my dad received Kannada Kattalu award from Kannada Sahitya Parishath. He recently was felicitated with Kempegowda award by Karnataka State Government for his selfless service for the kannada & cultural activities and other social services done for the past four decades.

He encouraged me to evolve as a person, supported me to choose my own path in both professional and personal life. My dad thought me to be a responsible citizen with strong moral grounds. He was a living example for balancing personal life and shouldering social responsibilities in-spite of being part of modest middle class society with his limited source of income. I remember once my dad saying he wants to help an orphan who was suffering from chronic disease, where I got into an argument with him saying we are middle class self-sufficient family, leading a comfortable life but we can’t afford to take care of another person, how can you help that boy? He kept quiet for a while later he gave him shelter in his own NGO office and bought him some stickers  which he could sell in front of schools and earn his livelihood. There he lived for many years happily, independently with honor and self-respect, till he died. That incidence touched my heart and made me feel that to help others you don’t have to always have loads of money but just a big heart.

There was also a writer in my dad who wrote and published several books on kannada and pro-cultural activities. His last book “kannada Chilume” was published by Kannada Sahitya parishath on 11th Nov 2014.

My dad passed away on 16th Oct 2014, today is his first death anniversary. Surprisingly my mom has filled his role to run the NGO he started, as she was very timid and always worked behind the screen with him. Today she is continuing his good deeds by donating food & clothes to an orphan home in Bangalore on the occasion of his death ceremony. His struggle to make his family members better human & people with social concern  did not go in vein. We the entire family always stood by his divine thoughts & deeds when he was alive and will continue to do so…. as long as we can. Hope his soul will rest in peace.

Love you & Miss you Daddy!

2 thoughts on “TRITUBE TO MY DAD

  1. A very nice tribute to your dad! I got to know a little about your family, he was a well accomplished person and more importantly he had a big heart. He must have touched many peoples hearts and he would surely be remembered for that.

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